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Who We Are

Each new day presents us with challenge and opportunity. It's always a challenge to respond creatively to the people who walk with us through each day. Some say welcoming each day is a risky business - because you will never know what a day will bring.

That’s part of the excitement for Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambéry. Every day, we choose to immerse ourselves in life at its fullest. We choose to risk discovering ways we can make life better for others. We choose to risk sharing our resources of time and energy so that people may discover their own dignity and self-worth.

We choose to share our faith lives so that others may enter into meaningful relationships with each other and with God. We choose to deepen the bonds of a common life among us—bonds of companionship, shared values, personal and community prayer. Our vision for the future is far-reaching. We dare to dream a better world where all are welcome, where each person's gifts are accepted and used for the good of all.

Yes, each day can be a challenge. Our rich history and faith tradition as Sisters of St. Joseph are benchmarks for how we respond to the needs ‘of the moment’ while we remain alert to what tomorrow may bring. We’re making a difference — vowed women, associates, volunteers in mission, and benefactors sharing a common vision and joining energies so that "all may be one" with God, each other and with Earth.

Maybe you’d like to make a difference, too!

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