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You may contact us at:

Sisters of St. Joseph
27 Park Road,
West Hartford, CT 06119
email: csjusa@yahoo.com

.......Summer is upon us...offering us moments to, quite literally, stop to smell the flowers around us. How often do we go about our busy days, rushing to complete our work as we envision some vacation or quiet prayer time?

........Often, we don't realize that "moments of vacation and quiet prayer" may be found in the simple act of stopping to gaze at an opening flower bud, filled with promise of sweet scent.

. ........Bees, industrious creatures that they are, take time to find the scent and drink the sweet nectar within the fragile blossom. They are nourished.

.........So we, too, may find nourishment of spirit in the time we take, long or short, to enjoy the gifts of God found in nature.

........Inhale the flower's scent, inhale the life of God waiting for us in quiet moments of enjoying nature around us.