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While they maintain their own lifestyles and work,
Associates align themselves with the good works and spirit
of the community. Through regular association and
prayer experiences among themselves and with the
Sisters, they grow in their own vocation to reflect God’s compassion and love in their homes, places of work, parishes and civic communities. A lay extension of the religious community, they become another visible sign of oneness with God, each other and the world.

For more information about CSJ Associates,

Associate Leadership Team,
27 Park Road
West Hartford, CT 06119-1852,
or call 860-233-5126 ext. 214
or email Associate@sistersofsaintjoseph.org


                                                                         CSJ Associates, left to right: Patricia Metzner, Angela Baldi,  Paula Massler, Anna Antunes and Dolores Jaeger

The CSJ Associate commitment challenges Associates, along with vowed members of the community, to live the Charism of unity and reconciliation in daily life..."as partners in the ministry of service, weaving a garment of care for your planet, her people...claiming a mission of unity and reonciliation...living and working that ALL MAY BE ONE."