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Perhaps you have some spare time. You might join us as a volunteer at one of our ministry sites or you might consider serving on one of our ministries as a Trustee. We are always looking to expand our ministry board expertise in areas of education, health care and social services and so much more.

Our ministry sites are:

Collaborative Center for Justice in Hartford: 860-692-3066

House of Bread in Hartford: 860-549-4188

Intensive Education Academy in West Hartford: 860-236-2049

Jubilee House in Hartford: 860-247-3030

Tabor Houses in Hartford: 860-948-1676

Sophia's Place in West Hartford: 860-233-5126 Ext. 230


You might also consider our Mission Advancement Council, an advisory board to the Office of Mission Advancement. The Mission Advancement Council works to raise new Friends and Funds for the Sisters of St. Joseph. To inquire about the Mission Advancement Council, call 860-231-8678.