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Challenged by the world, we are open to new ways to serve God’s people. The roads and ministries are as varied and unique as the women in our community.
We’re always looking for others to join us, heart and
hand, as we respond to the adventure ahead.

From the East Coast to the West Coast, from the
northern-most State of Alaska to the southern-most
tip of Florida, and places in-between—you can find
Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery engaged in the
fields of spiritual care, education, social services,
health care, business administration and care of our
own members —to name a few. Our individual and
community ministries address the needs we discover
among God’s people and provide opportunity for
sharing the gifts, skills, and talents of our members.

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about some of the CSJ ministries.


In June 2006, Sacred Heart Academy in Stamford, CT, closed. The Academy, a

private catholic high school for women, was founded and staffed by the Sisters of St.

Joseph for more than 80 years.

Sacred Heart Academy continues to assist former students as transitions take place to

other institutions of higher learning. At the same time, the Sacred Heart Alumnae

Association remains an active part of the Stamford, CT, civic community.

For information on Sacred Heart Academy and/or to contact the Alumnae Association,

please click on the link below: