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The Sisters of St. Joseph possess a unique spirituality that began with our founders’ vision more than 350 years ago. We join our lives and energies as witnesses of God’s Good News. With the cross as our symbol, we stretch to the four corners of the earth sharing Eucharist, the bread that is a sign of Love outpoured. Likewise, we share what we have with all people, especially the poorest of the earth. We desire that God’s love for every one be recognized and that all
people live out of a deep love for each other.

Developing personal skills and gifts, we discover and
take up every work without limit in this challenge-filled
time of history. As we, Sisters of St. Joseph, work to
alleviate injustice and bring harmony into our society,
God’s mystery unfolds in our lives and scatters like seed
upon the fertile ground. Joined heart to heart and hand to
hand, we share the Good News of Jesus with our world.