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As women with these same desires, we have dared to open our hearts to God’s word and God’s world. We are women religious who live in communities of faith and sharing, striving to live the Gospel message in an atmosphere of trust and love. Our living together and the sharing of our dreams motivate us to reach beyond ourselves.

In prayer, we seek to enter into the heart of God and come to know more fully God’s dream for our world.God’s spirit leads us to be women whose ministries are shaped by our desire to reveal the love God has for all people... particularly those in greatest need.

We invite women to join us in helping to make God’s dream a reality — “That all may be one!”
• Women of prayer
• Women whose hearts are on fire with a desire to serve
• Women who possess a sense of courage
• Women willing to risk

We invite YOU to join us in our mission!
Desire more information?
Contact S. Elaine Betoncourt, CSJ, tel. 860-233-5126, ext. 204 or email at joinus@sistersofsaintjoseph.org