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Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery live God’s dream for our world with passion as they engage in the mission of Jesus through their various ministries. You can become partners in mission with us through a financial gift to support our ministries, or by volunteering time in a ministry. Partnership, in whatever way meets your needs and ours, is a most rewarding way for you to become one with the spirit and works of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery.

Look over this page for information on
ways you can support the Sisters of Saint Joseph
of Chambery and their mission and ministries.
You may also contact:

Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery

Office of Mission Advancement
27 Park Road,
West Hartford, CT 06119

or call 860-231-8678
email: missionadvancement@sistersofsaintjoseph.org

Sister Barbara Mullen is the director of the Office of Mission Advancement. Formerly entitled Development Office, Mission Advancement combines aspects of Communications and Development as it seeks to raise "Friends and Funds" to support the Mission and Ministries of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Chambery.

Can I Really Double my Gift to the Sisters of St. Joseph?

Yes, absolutely!

Most companies today are more than willing to match employees' donations to their favorite charities. All you, as an employee or retiree, have to do is inquire through your Human Resources Department if your company matches donations. If so, request a matching gift form from the company and enclose it with your donation to us. We take care of the rest! It pays to inquire...gives you a wonderful sense of being able to contribute double or triple the amount through your employer....and allows us to use your 'enlarged' gift in support of our retired Sisters, our ongoing Mission and Ministries.

Thank you for your support!




Each time you search the web using GoodSearch (powered by Yahoo), we receive a penny!

Pennies add up...and we receive an annual disbursemet from this charity-focused site.

Thank you for using GoodSearch to benefit our Mission and Ministries.


A Legacy is a Wonderful Gift!

Leaving a gift to the Sisters of St. Joseph through your Will is a wonderful way to contribute to the Sisters and perhaps memorialize a favorite teacher, a cherished friend or mentor. It is also a way you can honor a family member or a special anniversary in your family.

The next time you review your Will, please consider leaving a bequest to the Sisters of St. Joseph.

And be sure to inform your family of your intentions. Let us know, also...so that we may pray for you for your anticipated generosity.

For more information, contact Sister Barbara Mullen at 860-231-8678 or through the email above to the right.